Sunday, July 20, 2008



Though I'm leaving, I still love to promote other Etsians like BODE22. ^_^ BODE22 makes wonderfully, unique clocks in her shop. You can really BOLD up your life and add some fun to any room with her clocks! Here's some of my favorites from her shop...

"Support this girl people lol she is absolutely amazing!"

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And post a comment, it's really easy so don't be shy ^_~

Thanks for reading! Ciao!

Leaving Etsy

I'm stop being a seller at Etsy pretty soon. I don't want to stop creating, but my family needs my attention. The farmer markets I've been to were lots of fun and I only have like 20 bags left of promos given to me from other Etsians, so the promo spread was a big success ^_^ don't worry. Of course with the exception of one or two Etsians who sent me stacks of promos lol and to them, don't worry I'll keep spreading the word =).

I'm having a HUGE sale at my shops OrigamiCentral and Nenunys and will continue the sale until everything is gone. I still enjoy stopping by Etsy to talk in forums and shop ^_^ so I'll be around.

Thank you everyone who supported me and made my stay as a seller on Etsy so wonderful! Good Luck to you all =).


Sunday, June 22, 2008


To Promote my new switch over to, I'm having a HUGE Grand Opening Contest with great prizes given away every two weeks! You can read all about it at my Nenuny's Blogspot.... .

You won't be disappointed! So stop by and check it out (\(^_^)/)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cutable Featured Me!

Totally awesome! I am featured on today for my adorable Mini Lucky Origami Star Keychain! I'm so happy and is a great site. Go check them out. They have a cutest items featured and very unique too. =)

Have a nice Friday everyone!


Movies in the Park

Summer time has just started and it can seem like there's nothing to do, but there's endless things you can do if you just do a little research online. You can live somewhere most of your life and not know all the unique things going on in your community. But that's the fun of it all, to discover what is in your own backyard waiting for you to join in on the fun.

Whenever I decide to go somewhere or find myself sitting at home with a itching feeling to go outdoors, I go on my labtop and type in "Things to do in _____". Lots of places and events come up that are affordable for the family or basically free to do. For instance, I've discover that alot of community parks around my area have free "Movies in the Park". Now doesn't that sound great for a family night out? Bringing out your own lawn chairs, homemade popcorn, and enjoying the cool summer night while watching classic movies.

If you live around the Santa Rosa, Ca area, Howarth Park is a great place for the family. Check out all the fun things you can do there this summer. Every city has a special place for the family, just do a little research. It's a great thing you can do when you can get your kids or partner off their butt and learn the love of the outdoors.

Well just a bit of thought, I know I'm going to enjoy a movie at the park tonight. Where will you be? ^_^ Go find out where you CAN be.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jazz Festival

Saturday's Jazz Festival was a hit. Great music with tons of people from the community. I couldn't stop dancing to the music from my tent. Everything was very lively and so much fun. I actually even won $250 worth of dog training from the raffle they were having. It was just what I was hoping for. Also, the people loved the promos that were given to me by other Etsians. I put them in nice white bags and gave them out to anyone passing by. Well ok let's not keep you are some great pictures of the Festival.

Alright, back to more creating ^_^ Ciao!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Upcoming JAZZ Festival

Next Saturday on June 14, 2008, I'll be attending a Jazz Festival. I'm super excited. There's suppose to be tons of attendees since its going to be in a park. They're going to have a Jazz band and a real dance floor on top of the grass! So awesome. The table costed me $50 for 12-9pm, I hope everything goes well because most of my items are $4-$5, lol so hopefully in 9 hours I'll make up for my table and much much more. Once again, this Thursday I forgot my camera on my rush to the Farmer's market. It was a real bummer. I took some shots with my phone camera, but I can't figure out how to upload them. >_< I'm going to leave my camera in the car to make sure I bring it on Saturday.

On another note, Saturday night will also be a big Pre-Father's Day camp out my boyfriend's church is having. We're definitely going to make some smores and sleep in our tiny tent lol. So it's going to be big day Saturday. But what's better than making money during the day and chilling by the relaxing campfire at night. Then when we all wake up Sunday morning, we're going to have a HUGE BBQ all day. I hope everyone else will have a great day on Father's Day too. Celebrate those wonderful Dads everyone. ^_^

Ok Ciao! Take Cares